Does stopping gluten improve mental health symptoms

Does a Gluten free diet improve mental health symptoms?

I would like to start this Blog with an honest disclaimer:

There are times when Pharmaceutical medicines are needed. When things get to a certain point, drugs are needed. It is very hard to say when you get to that point, but all my colleagues agree that there is a time and place for everything. That being said, there is emerging evidence of Integrative (Complementary medicine) and western medicine working together for better patient outcomes. A vital part of that is Nutrition and remember that this Blog is written from Naturopathic view of Nutrition, not medical view (Dietics). 

However, when working together correctly, we get wonderful clinical results. 

As the ancients said: let food be your medicine and medicine be thy food. I would like to ad, only in partnership.

Mental health and gluten

Gluten free is become popular for a variety of reasons (culture, marketing and science etc.), gluten is still everywhere. Simply head out your door and its in all in the supermarket and grocers. The main grain on the market responsible for gluten is wheat and wheat is:


Easy to cook

Highly processed (usually)

It is also very tasty!

 Wheat ad gluten will stimulate your taste buds instantly. So there are various reasons why its popular, and really, its your choice to eat it or otherwise. 

 That being said, there is a more subtle reaction to gluten in your body than true colaics. Please note that I am not speaking of coliac, but more a subtle gluten intolerance, subtle but still powerful. 

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