Functional Testing

Functional Testing and Individual treatment 

  • Each of us are unique, particularly regarding our biochemical makeup
  • There are many expects recommending or prescribing the ‘ideal diet’ 
  • In addition, one supplement for all
  • This certainly creates efficacy, however in many cases, patients can be flet to feel, uncatered for, or worse, their condition worsens
  • An example of this is when certain individuals do not have the correct enzymes to digest dairy, e.g.: lactose intolerance.  Leading to digestive upset
  • Therefore, simply prescribtion ‘milk’ for calcium cannot, or does not consider your current circumstances or value system. For example, veganism 
  • Taking this to another level, many individuals many not other enzymes to biologically ‘active’ nutrients. Folic acid for example, requires particular enzymes to bring this nutrient to its relevant form. Interestedly, many clients show symptoms of this including depression, cardiovascular disease and chronic pain
  • Apart for gross defiency, eg: tradtitional doctors would look for red flags such as “B12 deficinecy” 
  • Naturopaths look back at the big picture, and in doing so, particularly in long standing disease, find that this results finding sign of more function, not just disease “I just don’t feel right and no doctor can say why”
  • “We don’t just look for numbers or dramatic signs of disease, but broad pictures and suitable signs of poor performance”
  • Even if you are not displaying symptoms, signs of under performance pathways within the body are found and recorred
  • I like to view the interaction of nutrients within the body as a football team
  • Apart form looking to replace of remove the under performace star player, in this case” B12”, we understand that this is a key player, however to look to the team as whole and see where they are under performing and look to optimize all the team performance and how thet interact with the key player
  • This broad interaction between players can results often result is a dramatic outcome for clients if comment as “this is my new normal” 
  • We offer a high level of service that includes specialist pathology services that find these particular errors within your body system and tailor treatment to suit this. 
  • Mg testing via retention 
  • An everyday example would be your favourite restaurant catering to your diet and taste needs after getting to know your tastes. 
  • This means better results, the right diet and supplements given in the long term more economical for you

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