Can natural medicine help with allergies and asthma

Can natural medicine help with allergies and asthma? 

By Jeremy Brown

Naturopath & Lecturer

(Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy)

(Certificate  IV Training & Assessment)

Many people ask me about the benefits of Naturopathic medicine and what conditions it can help treat. The answer is both simple yet broad, as it helps many different conditions. Those particularly helped are chronic or “functional” condtions (helping the body function at its peak).

One of those chronic or functional conditions is asthma and allergies. Coming into spring, there are many reasons to consider Naturopathic medicine particularly as it often involves treating the root cause of the condition. Allergies and asthma can hang around for decades on end and Naturopathy is able to help many patients reach a level of health which may in turn reduce the need for as many heavy pharmaceutical medicines.

Naturopathy can help ease allergies and asthma and may help people potentially use less heavy medications.

This blog will look at some of the common techniques used by Naturopaths, helping patients reach full health. 


Each patient is an individual in my clinic and I rarely prescribe the same diet twice. Because of this, I usually take a case before jumping to strong dietary recommendations. The usual suspects are though are A1 protein found in diary milk, wheat and of course; gluten.

Changing diet can help allergies and asthma; but it depends on many things.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine has been used for centuries to help ease asthma and allergies and many herbs used in my dispensary have both traditional and modern evidence.

Albizia lebbeck (Albizia): Albizia has shown to stabilize mast cell production, backing up its traditional use in allergies.

Glycyrrhiza glabra (Licorice): There is traditional evidence for the use of licorice in the treatment of asthma, and studies are now showing its anti-inflammatory effect via its work with cortisol.

Traditional and modern evidence supports herbal medicine in allergies and asthma.


Homeopathy is an interesting one as it uses similar principles to modern immunology, in that it uses tiny doses of the material that cause the condition to treat he same condition, though homeopathy uses much smaller doses. There is evidence stating that allergies can in fact be reduced using this method, however the mechanism is still unknown. 

Homeopathy can help with allergies; even though we don’t fully understand why.


Vitamin C: Vitamin C is the major anti-oxidant present in the fluid of the lung, where it protects against endogenous free radicals (produced by the body). According to studies dietary intake of Vitamin C rich foods may help improve lung function in both asthmatic and normal patients.

Quercetin: This is commonly used in the treatment of acute and chronic allergies symptoms, such as hay fever and chronic rhinitis. The anti-inflammatory action blocks substances involved in allergies. Studies are positive for its use and many of my patients continue to benefit. 

Vitamin C and Quercetin and effective in reducing inflammation, though are best part of a complete treatment plan.

So as we enter into spring, with allergies or asthma season coming, consider seeing Jeremy at Browns Wellbeing Centre to help support chronic conditions by using nature as its tool.

Click here to contact Jeremy to make an enquiry.

Yours in health,

Jeremy Brown

| Naturopath | Educator | Writer | 



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