Natural alternatives for sleep

Natural alternatives for sleep and anxiety

Looking to receive a better nights sleep?

Look no further.

Due to modern life with either work stress, problems within families or economic pressure, many of you may struggle to get good nights sleep. Sleep is crucial for optimal functioning, both physically and mentally. Simply consider how you feel after one late night, let alone many sleepness nights wondering why you can’t sleep.

Sleep is crucial for optimal functioning

Typically, most people will visit their Doctor and may be prescribed Benzodiazepines. Examples include Temazepam and Valium. While these drugs are highly effective, at the same time, they have potential to be highly addictive. Studies show tolerance to these chemicals within a few weeks. While anti-psychotics are used in some cases of insomnia, in other cases, Benzodiazepines are still considered to be a first line treatment for poor sleep. Additionally, medicines such as melatonin, while quite effective, can be also be quite expensive.  

We know that modern pharmaceuticals are effective for sleep, but they may be habit forming

What is less known, is that Naturopathic medicine offers safe, effective and relevantly cheap alternatives to work along side these drugs. What’s interesting is that like the medicines listed above, many of these natural medicines are also effective at reducing anxiety. Some brief examples are below.

Botanical medicines:

Passionflora incarnata (Passionflower): Passionflower has been found to be as effective as oxazepam over a 4-week period and with fewer side effects. It appears to work in similar ways, though without potential addiction or grogginess in the morning.

Valerian officinalis (Valerian): Medical reviews of over six scientific studies in humans showed a clear benefit of Valerian in patients with insomnia, without producing adverse effects. 

Chamomile recutita (Chamomile): Also used in my patients with inflammatory bowel conditions, Chamomile is also an effective sedative. Chamomile is a very well tolerated herb, and is often used in children.

Herbal medicine has a long history supported by modern science

Remember to take the medicines 1 hour before retiring for sleep


As self-defeating as it seems, a fear of insomnia is often a direct cause of the insomnia itself. A trained psychologist or psychotherapist can offer tools to help approach your thought patterns differently. 

Psychotherapy and counselling can offer a way of looking at thoughts differently that get in the way of sleep

Our Naturopath finds he receives the best results after tailoring your treatment to your case. This may include, dosing, preparing and working along side any other treatments you are currently receiving. No two patients receive the same treatment, which means your results are safe, effective and relevantly quick.

If this is of interest: enquire today.

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