The Three greatest Tips I can give new clinic owners

The Three greatest Tips I can give new clinic owners

Its been a great first 8 weeks at Browns Wellbeing Centre. I’ve gone beyond my expectations in the number of patients seen, turnover and profit. And most importantly, I have helped my Patients get better. Sure, there is still a large of amount of growth to come, but its been a very healthy start. I believe I’ve learned a lot over this year in starting, building and now running a clinic and I’m here to share the tips. 

I’ve always ask my Sales Representatives what is the key to a successful clinic, and while they may all have said something different, one Rep answered simply and honestly: its systems. Systems will make your clinic shine. And those systems? Well, get your pen and paper and have a read.

  1. Get Clinic Management Software.

This is the first and perhaps the greatest tip. It is also can be one of the most expensive month-to-month systems. At about $30-45 per month, clinic management software (such as Cliniko or InForm) can help your patient’s book online, receive communications including automated SMS, and generate invoices. And that is just the start. The major selling point for me was the online booking, but this web based program has helped the day to day running and made my clinic look more professional.

Clinic management software helps you so you can help your patients.

  1. Get HICAPs

The ease of use, power and speed of HICAPs means that your patient’s claim your consultation on the spot with their health fund, and then pay the gap. It doubles as an Ethpos machine and I have not used cash once in the clinic. Many private health insurers have different claim numbers, but all the HICAPs machine needs is the Patient’s card. The cost is $25 per month, and also consider the cost of your phone land line. But at the end of the day, not many people use cash and claiming on the spot brings your patients back. 

HICAPs offers an additional service.

  1. Document everything

While this is never easy, remember that your patient files are legal documents and that should be filed careful, ready to be picked up at any time should a matter from the counts is presented. While this doesn’t happen much, for your own piece of mind, keep everything in its place. In addition, most of my prescriptions are blended herbal treatments, and when my formulas work, I don’t want to lose ‘the magic’.

Don’t lose track of your patient’s health, or your clinics health.

  1. Account everything

At this early stage, I spend more time seeing where the money is going than I do with patients. While I look forward to seeing this change, I also see the need to make sure I know where I stand, and I think twice before a big spend. There are many people asking for your money to ‘help grow your business’, but taking stock of the ins and outs helps keep you honest.

Get a good accountant, but keep yourself to account also.

  1. Get a Blog and website. Now.

This is the last and most fun advice. Coming from a musical background and now being a writer, I first shyed away from Blogs as I thought ‘it was for hacks’. But after seeing the massive growth that it had on my website clicks, I wish I did it from day one. A good website can cost up to $2000, but if the content on the website is no good, then its wasted money. Even if your website is middle of the road, if it has good free content (which a Blog should be), then it will increase the publics knowledge of what you can do and lead to patients. 

Free content can lead to clients.

And finally, while I admit that it is fun making a living from what you love, don’t ever forget about your Patient’s. They are the reason you are in practice and all the systems in the world will not give them the personal care they seek from a Wellbeing Practitioner. 

Use the system, but care for your patients.

Thank you for joining me this month, next month I will share more tips on starting and running a practice. Please join on my health blog to receive updates on growing your personal health.

See you then!

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