Does chocolate have health benefits?  We all know of chocolate If there was one food in all of the history of the world, which is used for comfort, celebration, and dare I say, self-medication; it would be chocolate. Made from Cocao with the Latin name Theobroma cacao, chocolate is often made (in part) from the …

Extremes in Nutrition

Having the honor of lecturing in nutrition, I can feel the responsibility of moving my students in the right direction. Thankfully, I am teaching principles in Naturopathic Nutrition and really, it is a position where I engage already brilliant minds down a path they already understand. Though I am not teaching the clinical subjects, do …


Muscle cramps? Migraines? Low on energy or needing to regulate blood sugar?  You may require Magnesium. Remedy of the month: Magnesium Part of this Blog is to showcase a new remedy each month, some months will have vitamins or minerals, other months Herbal Medicines. Today, we will be looking at Magnesium. The mineral Magnesium (or …

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