Ancient wisdom. Naturopathy is a form of treatment drawing on both traditional methods of healing and modern biological science. You can be confident your treatments are based on the best available evidence underpinned by centuries of traditional use. Examples include herbal tonics which have been used amongst ancient civilisations for centuries.

Modern nutrition. Confused by nutritional information online? We can help. As your personalised nutritional treatments are based on pathology testing, you can be confident in measurable improvements. Our dietary coaching involves putting your diet in the context of your income, upbringing and culture. Essentially; we don’t work on you, we work with you.

Safe and effective. All these therapies are safe, effective and can run along side your current medical treatment. By working along side Pharmacists, Jeremy is able to reduce any possible interactions with current medications.

Affordable. Jeremy is unique as his fees are affordable and your treatments sustainable; particularly considering his outcomes in clinic. Typically, many natural supplements are either poor forms of the substance, which may lead little to no action, or worse; correct forms prescribed poorly and may cause damage to health and costs. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to find the right ones?

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